In today’s fast paced landscape, banking industry is rapidly changing. Financial enterprises need to be at the forefront to enable high performance in the industry. With increased Regulatory Reforms, the pressure on revenues, profits and margins may alter the institutions’ core business models. Emergence of increased customer mobility, social media and analytic capabilities are forcing Banks to rethink their traditional IT strategies.

iTree Global`s Technology Solutions will help transform Financial Institutions through.

Digital Transformation, including customer portals and mobile enablement, to enable improved communication between partners and customers.

Straight through processing of Data between stake holders of Financial transactions including Banks, Customers, Custodians, Regulators and Markets.

High performance and Low latency systems with parallel processing in a cloud infrastructure.

Built on four core competencies - Domain, Process, Technology and Innovation; we help establish significant business benefits like risk mitigation, time to market and total cost of ownership.

Global Insurance business is adapting itself to a rapidly evolving competitive and regulatory landscape as it lays the foundation of the next generation Insurance Enterprise. This fast-changing business landscape is driven by changing consumer demographics, diversified distribution channels, improved customer/producer experience and increasingly personalized customer focus.

Emerging technologies have greatly shaped this new strategic thinking and have given Insurance companies significant competitive advantage. Succeeding in this new environment calls for insurance carriers to bring new thinking and new technologies into their existing landscape, and go fortified into the next generation of business.