Product Engineering

The use of technology is becoming part of daily lives. While consumers increasingly use technology, there is more demand for enriched user experience and the need for intelligent products that provide an integrated seamless experience. With the current market trend, all industries are continuously challenged with evolving technologies, innovation cycles and optimization. However technology is used everywhere.
iTree Global Technologies focus is to engineer the economical products by using current innovative technologies and help small, medium and large scale business. iTree Products can help you bring innovative, quality products to market more efficiently and cost-effectively. Our products are developed using lot of analytical methods which provides analysis to product users and same time it uses all innovative technologies like cloud computing, big data. We use SSL secured prototypes for all our products to ensure the customer data is secured in processing. We build software products that are delivered both “On Demand” and “On Premise”. The deployment model includes web based platforms , client server, mobile and handheld. iTree combines functional, technology, engineering and process excellence that results in long standing customer relationships.
​ Our mission is to ensure that the leading-edge software that develops for its products and services is best-in-class. Our Outsourced Product Development Practice has helped develop and maintain software products for many companies banking, retail and mobility sector clients.