• Independent Testing Services

    1.Improve delivery capability with end to end process driven approach.

    2.Building a quality product/ Setting up a quality enterprise.

    Key Performance Indicators:

    Audit and compliance: Current market trends to newer audit controls to ensure quality and continuous changing regulations require testing to ensure that applications conform to the new norms and satisfy the regulatory audits.

    ROI (Return on investment):In any business to sustain, ROI is a key factor and at the same time they need to keep same pace in the market by investing in technology. There is an increasing pressure on organizations to build efficiencies and demonstrate return on investment (ROI) from their testing spends.

    Time-To-Market:With businesses defining time lines for faster go-to-market, there is increased focus on optimizing test life cycles for applications being developed.

    New technologies:With ever-growing complexity due to the influx of new technologies (such as SOA, mobile and cloud), QA has to adapt itself to the changing paradigm..

    Application performance:With the enhanced role of IT in business growth, testing plays a key role in ensuring that applications are up and running at all time by supporting the necessary needs of application usage

    We at ITree deliver business value. We helps clients across industry verticals build tomorrow's QA enterprise by providing a combination of transformation models, offerings to address changing technology landscape, a framework for package-testing-led business transformation, and new engagement models.

    We provide organizations with a bi-fold approach where we build the CoE for the organizations by setting up best industry process with complete end to end testing process life-cycle templates, metrics, reports…

    We also provide setting up the automation framework for the organizations. Test automation is often seen as a way to reduce the costs of testing, increase test coverage and effectiveness, and shorten testing cycles. In fact many organizations consider automation as a vital step in establishing a mature QA program and it certainly has a lot of value if it can be effectively leveraged. We have many automation tools available in our cloud where we offer clients to use our tools to reduce the code and efficiently managed the automation budget.