• Cloud Platform

    Cloud is a Transformation journey that cuts across Business & IT for all enterprises. Unlike other transformational themes, the uniqueness about Cloud is its ability offer transformational benefits in lieu of the (seemingly unavoidable) inefficiencies that exist in the system today – be it Business or IT, in tangible terms. This change is proving to be more sustainable, long-term and evolving – be it adoption or ROI.
    So what really motivates business to embrace cloud in concrete terms?
    1. Capital Cost Optimization and Controlled Operating expenses.
    2. Increased direct revenue generation and/or profitability at same or lesser cost
    3. IT Platform Efficiency leading to “Optimized Cost of IT”
    4. Efficient and Agile Business Change Management
    5. Software Engineering Lifecycle Efficiency
    The reasons are more than compelling for any CXO to put their bets on the Cloud journey. The key differentiator about Cloud is that it has a story for every Business stakeholder – be it the CEO or the CIO / CFO et al.
    iTree Global believes that “Cloud” is one of the disruptive themes that will influence Business and IT in the next 5 years (at least) which will change the way everything operates. Depending on the specific Industry and immediate business needs, we foresee that there will be different categories of Cloud Consumers – Innovators, Early Adopters, Safe Players and Followers.